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Whether you’re looking for a unique way to kick off your wedding reception, or if bellydance is part of your cultural heritage, Raqs Ayana delivers elegant performances tailored to your wedding.  Our creative and exciting choreographies will leave your guests talking about your wedding for years to come!


In a survey conducted on guests who recently attended weddings, 81% said they remembered the ENTERTAINMENT the most!  That trumps the venue and the food.  While everyone has at least a DJ, your guests will be pleasantly surprised and inspired to dance after Raqs Ayana kicks off the celebration.


From the moment you hire us to entertain you and your guests, we get right to work in the studio to create a custom performance that suits the space, includes beautiful props like silk veils, candles, and/or swords.  We are always available to talk to you about this special day and make sure our performance perfectly reflects your vision for the evening.


Why Raqs Ayana?
We are three polished and professional soloists that have come together to use our powers for even bigger and better performances.  Your guests will be enchanted by three artists blending traditional and modern elements for a truly unique experience.  Raqs Ayana performs together regularly, which means that our performances are top notch each and every time.  We allow for extra flexibility on time for your wedding, as we know this day is very special and things don’t always go as planned.


Wedding Packages & Ideas

Classic Egyptian Performance ~ 30 minutes
Entering with flowing silk veils, and sweeping, gorgeous movements, Raqs Ayana sets the tone for an elegant evening.  Romantic music, sparkling costumes, and exotic rhythms are the highlights of this performance.  The accompaniment of a live drummer can add extra excitement to the mix as we finish by inviting your guests up to dance.
Classic American Cabaret Show ~ 30 minutes
American style bellydance adds the exciting elements of candles, swords, and other non-traditional props to the Classic Egyptian Performance.  May include non-traditional, yet still Middle Eastern, music, and floorwork.


Party Starter Mini Show ~ 15 minutes
The perfect way to get your guests up and dancing!  Raqs Ayana performs a shorter 7 to 10 minute set, and adds on two extra songs to invite the bride, groom, bridal party, and all of your guests up to dance.  The perfect transition from dinner to dancing, as your DJ takes over for the remainder of the evening.


Traditional Zeffa Entrance ~ 20 minutes
Wearing shamedan (candelabra) on our heads, with LED candles or real fire (space permitting), Raqs Ayana leads the wedding procession from the doors of the venue to the reception space.  Using culturally appropriate music, and the option of live drummers, this is a dramatic and sacred entrance for the couple, symbolizing their entrance into their community as one.


Traditional Zeffa and Full show ~ 50 minutes
After the zeffa wedding procession, Raqs Ayana continues to dance with shamedan (candelabra), showcasing the balancing act of dancing while balancing fire.  This transitions into either the Classic Egyption or American Cabaret Show (or a combination of the two).



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